Modular Chaos Engine v2.1 KONTAKT

Modular Chaos Engine v2.1 KONTAKT

Modular Chaos Engine v2.1 KONTAKT

Modular Chaos Engine v2.1 KONTAKT

P2P | 13.08.2014 | 277 MB

A chaotic drum machine for a chaotic world

Part two of the Modular Chaos Engine and I’m very excited to introduce my first fully electronic instrument. It’s probably fairly obvious by the blueness and the title that I’ve exploited the strange and rather wonderful qualities of Dave Smiths’ criminally underated analog/digital masterpiece the Evolver. I LOVE this underdog synth, mainly because it has so much wonky personality and a wonderful, slightly mad architecture that can produce some really great sounds….usually of a highly boisterous nature. So, for this Chaos Engine there are up to 127 different sounds/articulations per key which are very loosely mapped across the keys from from low kick drum type sounds through snappy snare type sounds up to more clicky, rattly hats and then the mildly melodic sounds up near the top end of the key range.

I’ve already loaded the 12 sequence engines with snappy beats, but I suggest you quickly save a new version of the Kontakt file, erase all of mine and have a play with your own ideas. And don’t forget that you can use more than one Modular Chaos Engine, just load #1 into Kontakt on the same midi channel and move the key start position of the sequence engine down an octave and you can trigger both machines separately.


Features include:

  • 1106 individual samples ( including up to 20 variations of each sound) mapped to 12 sample engines from C1 upwards.
  • 12 complex 12 track sequencers triggered from keys C0 and above (adjustable).
  • The Chaos button for instant randomisation.
  • The Order button for an instant return to normality.
  • Comprehensive editing with quick edit system for control of all sounds together, or individual editing of tune, time, low pass filter, high pass filter, attack, decay and volume.
  • Individual per engine articulation controls.
  • Separate sequence tracks for sound selection, accent, decay, pan and tuning per note.
  • Chaotic “looper” control with 32 looping algorithms.
  • All controls midi learnable.
  • Inbuilt instruction manual.


Modular Chaos Engine v2.1 KONTAKT
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