High Performance Intro DJ Course TUTORiAL

High Performance Intro DJ Course TUTORiAL

High Performance DJ Course

P2P | 01 January 2022 | 12.40 GB

Language: English | Duration: 11h 37m

The Original DJ Blueprint – Learn how to DJ from zero and play the music you love. Have you ever wanted to become a DJ? Do you want to learn how to start beatmatching? Have you ever wondered how would be like living a DJ life?. If your answer is Yes, then this is the right course for you! This course will save you HOURS of time, DAYS of “false starts”, and YEARS of trial, error, and testing when it comes to understanding the basics of deejing and music mixing. Receive an introductory knowledge of a broad range of techniques and tools related to music structure and composition, beatmatching, equipment setup, music selection and discover how you may be able to get your first DJ booking. If you learn and use the techniques included in this course, you will learn how to be in the DJ booth faster than you ever imagined possible. You will need to practice and apply the knowledge gained during this course to make it happen!

What you’ll learn:
– Identify different dance music genres to discover your own DJ music style.
– Learn basic procedures on how to setup DJ equipment and Sound Systems.
– Understand how to use both Fade and Beatmatching techniques to mix your songs.
– Get an understanding of how turntables and CDJs work.
– Easily understand complex topics like Sound Space, Frequencies and Music Structure.
– Learn how to operate a basic 2 Channel DJ Controller and a Mixer.
– Learn how to plan and execute a successful strategy to get your first DJ booking using the DJ Tool For Success.
– Understand how to create a complete and appealing DJ Demo to showcase to your friends, venues, and prospects.

– No previous experience in Deejing required – You will learn everything you need to get started.
– A laptop with Internet access and a pair of headphones.
– A basic 2-Channel DJ Controller (e.g Pioneer DDJ-SB Series)

During the course you will:
– Get a professional combination of theoretical and practical online lectures with hands-on experience time.
– Discover your DJ Music Style.
– Understand how to setup equipment in different environments.
– Get started with Serato DJ software.
– Learn how to get started and organize your DJ Music Library
– Learn how to avoid mistakes that most beginner DJs make when it comes to Deejing.
– Learn how to Fade and Blend.
– Learn how to Beatmatch and apply FX.
– Learn how to create your first DJ Demo
– Get simple “homework assignments” that will finally empower you to craft and convey an irresistible message about your music style and mixes. These make beatmatching INFINITELY easier once it’s done!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://bit.ly/3eCZnJA
High Performance Intro DJ Course TUTORiAL
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