Practical Cajon Course 400 Rhythms TUTORiAL

Practical Cajon Course 400 Rhythms TUTORiAL

Practical Cajon Course 400 Rhythms TUTORiAL

Practical Cajon Course: 400 Rhythms

HiDERA | 01 May 2022 | 12.8 GB

.: Learn pecussion and develop your rhythm :.

– In this “Practical Cajon Course”, first of all, we will see the basic sounds of the Cajon, to be able to learn, then, a considerable number of rhythms.
– We will specifically learn 400 rhythms.
– Some of the rhythms are in 4/4 time signature (which is a way of counting time used in styles of music such as rock, pop, funk, Latin, hip-hop …).
– Other rhythms are in 3/4 time signature (another way of counting time used in styles such as blues, jazz, swing, folk …)
– In this way, we will have a repertoire of rhythms wide enough to play over our favorite songs and even improvise by combining some rhythms with others.
– In short, it is a practical method to approach the learning of this fabulous percussion instrument and introduce us to the world of rhythm and time.

– Percussion is an extraordinary tool to connect with oneself and others.
– We all know the beneficial power of music, both physically and mentally.
– There are numerous studies that link playing an instrument with good brain activity.
– In addition, the music goes directly to our emotions and each song transports us to a state of mind as if by magic.
– Besides, the relational power of music has also been demonstrated when it comes to generating bonds with others.
– All the positive qualities of music are amplified when you generate the music yourself.
– Percussion is an ideal way to get into the music or to solidify your tempo and rhythm if you already play an instrument.
– Percussion gives us that essence of origins that allows us to forget for a moment our problems and connect with our depths.

Practical Cajon Course 400 Rhythms TUTORiAL
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