Understanding Compressors REPACK TUTORiAL

Understanding Compressors TUTORiAL

Understanding Compressors TUTORiAL

Understanding Compressors

HiDERA | 20 June 2021 | 1.13 GB

If you ask someone to explain audio compression you’ll often get very different answers from different people. Well, here at we go right back to basics to nail this subject once and for all so you can finally fully understand it. We look at how a compressor works, what the main controls are actually doing to your sounds and the different uses of compression before diving into some real-world examples on how to use a compressor to achieve great results in your dynamics. If you don’t fully understand the “what’s and why’s” of compressors then we’ve got you covered so you have everything you need to help you on your music production journey.

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Understanding Compressors TUTORiAL


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