Latin Ballads EZBASS MiDi

Latin Ballads EZBASS MiDi-MaGeSY

Latin Ballads EZBASS MiDi-MaGeSY

Latin Ballads EZbass MiDi

P2P | 6 June 2022 | 10 MB


EZbass MIDI inspired by Latin ballads from the ’50s through to today. The rhythmic heartbeat of Latin music is ever-so-present regardless of whether it be wildly busy uptempo songs or, as in this case, ballads. The bass, of course, is as unquestionable and integral in this cosmos as the rhythm itself. What would a laid-back bossa, salsa or cumbia be without the forward drive of the bass? This collection of EZbass MIDI will take you on a journey that starts off in the 1950s and ends up right smack in the pop-inspired now. Get ready for a broad collection of fundamental basslines designed to add that extra bit of groove, silky smooth finesse and pastel-like color to your Latin-inspired ballads.

– EZbass MIDI inspired by Latin ballads of the past couple of decades
– Performed by a professional session player
– 3/4 and 4/4 in straight feel with tempos ranging from 56 BPM to 135 BPM
– Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections

Latin Ballads EZBASS MiDi-MaGeSY
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