Hypermorph v1.3 For MAX FOR LiVE-FLARE

Hypermorph v1.3 For MAX FOR LiVE-FLARE

Hypermorph v1.3 For MAX FOR LiVE-FLARE

Hypermorph v1.3 M4L

Team FLARE | 06 February 2022 | 215 MB

Hypermorph features four independent sound sources and an XY Morph Matrix that can blend, morph and mutate between each sound. The instrument is sampled from an array of modern analog and digital synthesizers featuring beefy oscillators, wavetables, textures and custom one-shots. At the core of Hypermorph is the XY Morph Matrix which can be moved manually to find the perfect balance of tones. Automatically morph your sound using Gravity, Draw, Click or Sequencer mode. Arrange steps on Hypermorph’s built-in Morph Sequencer to achieve unique choppy rhythms and dynamically changing Morph patterns. Morph between steps smoothly or create radical transforming phrases.

Hypermorph’s XY Morph Matrix is accessible on both Push and Launchpad. This gives users hands-on control of each Morph Mode, allowing for a more tactile and gamified play experience. Play ping pong with your sound by bouncing the Morph Node around in Gravity mode or level-up your performance by playing the XY in Quad (aka. “Simon Says”) mode.

– Live 11 Suite (version 11.0 or higher)
– Max for Live

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/r3Pec
Hypermorph v1.3 For MAX FOR LiVE-FLARE
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