Scale-O-Mat v4.2.0 For MAX 4 LiVE-FLARE

Scale-O-Mat v4.1.0 For MAX 4 LiVE-FLARE

Scale-O-Mat v4.2.0 MAX 4 LiVE

Team FLARE | 16 March 2021 | 292 KB

Scale-O-Mat 4 is great for composing music and for plaing live, to change the scale and the rootnote on the fly and always stay in the same scale. No matter what style you’re playing, from soundtracks, orchestral works, EDM, drum & bass or rock music – Scale-O-Mat is a great helper to play always the right notes. Scale-O-Mat 4 is the perfect companion for beginners and also for professional musicians. If you want to experiment with musical scales or even to keep the Scales of your whole Liveset under control. Create up to four independent Groups of Scales or Chords or even Notes to manipulate random sequences and bring them to new musical harmonies.

Features of Scale-O-Mat 4:
• Scale-O-Mat 4 comes with 2 Devices – the Scale-O-Mat Device itself and the InstaScale Device
• Assign up to 4 different Groups with various Scales
• More than 40 Scales
• All Scales from Push 1 + 2.
• Scale Collection from Tobi Hunke.
• Filter or Pitch the Notes that are not fitting into the Scale
• Transpose
• Presets & Preset Management

Minimum System Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite / Max4Live 8

Changes in Version 4.2:
– on popular request in Version 4.2.0 it’s now possible to change the behaviour of the Midi learn feature.
– it’s now possible to change the learned notes immediatly if you hit the keys (t = trigger) or if you release the keys (r = release)

Scale-O-Mat v4.2.0 For MAX 4 LiVE-FLARE

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