SuperVaz Vaz Modular Soundbank-NoGRP


SuperVaz Vaz Modular Soundbank

Team NoGRP | 02-25-2007 | 409.30 KB

This is my best soundbank yet! It’s provided with superphat leads, basses and pads that you just can’t believe are made with software! I have build this soundset during a long time to get it sound as good as possible! My goal is not to try to make software sound as good as hardware, but have it sound much more powerful than hardware! It includes different syntharchitecturs. One is an emulation of the classic Supersaw (from Magesy®) and many of the patches is build around that! But there are also many patches that takes the sound even further! With this soundset you just don’t get the sounds but also the opportunity to work with the synths I have built and make your own sounds with it!

The soundset includes:

  • 322 techno/trance/vintage patches for Vaz Modular 3 and higher


The patches are split into different categories:

  • Arpeggios: 18 patches
  • Basses: 48 patches
  • Leads: 156 patches
  • Pads: 56 patches
  • Seq: 44 patches


SuperVaz Vaz Modular Soundbank-NoGRP

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