East West Electronica AiFF MiDi-MASSiVE

East West Electronica AUDiO-MASSiVE

East West Electronica AiFF MiDi-MASSiVE

East West Electronica AUDiO

Team MASsiVE | 11.21.2003 | 545.90 MB

Perry Geyer and Greg Hawkes (East-West) Welcome you to the world of ELECTRONICA. In this collection you will find electro industrial loops and samples, many with MIDI-files. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the MIDI-file concept, the creators have saved the sequence data they created for the MIDI-file loops to enable you to recreate these loops and customize them. The sequence data can be loaded into any sequencer capable of reading MIDI-files (most). There are two types of loops on ELECTRONICA, complete loops without MIDI-files that were generated ‘live’ in the studio using a combination of sequencing, synthesis and effects generation, and those with MIDI-files.

The first group are complete, without any components; the MIDI-files loops start with the complete loop followed by each individual loop component. There are also many individual sounds at the end. The question is, if you already have completed loops, why do you need the MIDI-files and individual samples? Well, suppose you’re working on a track, and want to combine a few different loops at a particular tempo. Instead of being limited to loops that have the same tempo, you can now combine loops with similar tempos using the loop sequence data from the MIDI-files to adjust the tempo of each loop in the sequencer – without altering the pitch of the individual samples! Plus, if you wish, you can replace individual samples samples or parts of the sequences to create new ‘custom’ loops featuring your own combination of samples. We know some of this is possible with programs such as ReCycle, but you have much more control with the sequence data and the loop components. If you don’t need this feature you can simply use the main loop. The musical content of ELECTRONICA is cutting edge electro industrial for the 90’s and beyond.

East West Electronica AiFF MiDi-MASSiVE

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