In Lucidity KONTAKT

In Lucidity KONTAKT

In Lucidity KONTAKT

In Lucidity KONTAKT

P2P | 31 January 2022 | 980 MB

ॐ In Lucidity Silent the Truth emerges.

ॐ IN-LUCIDITY is a new KONTAKT library, specially designed acoustically and digitally with (8) amazing instruments to inspire and recreate fantastic compositions. Samples with great sound quality and light and fast loading, allow to add a greater number of instruments without consuming too many resources. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it has the necessary tools for musicians, experts or beginners so they can customize instruments with fabulous sounds.

01. NIGHT – Piano classic sound and atmosphere intimate.
02. ASCENT – Expressive and beautiful Strings Ensemble.
03. STARS – Fantastic synthesized Pad with a futuristic air.
04. MOON – Natural sound of Spanish Acoustic Guitar.
05. RIVER – Orchestral sound Emulator by Synthesizer.
06. CUBES – Great and real sound Electric Bass amplified.
07. SOULS – Spectacular and powerful Cellos Ensemble.
08. FREEDOM – Amazing, deep and mystical Vault Organ.

LIBRARY SPECS: • 8 sample libraries with 1.28GB installed and a total of 580 files. • 498 NCW samples with Stereo audio and depth 24 Bit / 44.100Hz. • 27 IRC Convolution environments to create impressive real spaces. • Keyboard with 72 notes and partition for main Chords application. • ADSR modules and LP and HP filters. Effects Console & Arpeggiator. • 72 files Presets NKI Natives Ins, parameterized for each Instrument. • Switches to apply Compression, Cinema, Dual Voice and Portamento. • 3-Band Equalizer and Switches for new Effects and audio processes.

REQUIREMENTS: • Windows 8, macOS 10.9 or later. • Core Intel I3 or AMD Ryzen 3 or higher. • 10 GB of minimum hard disk capacity. • 8 GB RAM memory, 16 GB recommended. • Native Instruments Kontakt 6.3.125 or higher.

In Lucidity KONTAKT
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