Invision Symphonic II E3v4 EMU-TZ7iSO

Invision Symphonic II E3v4 EMU-TZ7iSO

Invision Symphonic II E3v4 EMU

Team TZ7iSO | 12.21.2003 | 124.82 MB

Another great collection of sumphonic orchestra combo. Including all that you can dream about like: Classical Guitar, Harp Glissandos, Harp&FemaleChoir, Solo Trumpets 1+2, Solo Fr Horns 1+2, Solo Trombones, Solo Flugelhorn, SoloEnglishHorn, Solo Tuba &Bones, Section Trumpets, Sect Trombones 1+2, Sect French Hrns, Low Orch. Brass, TrmpetWahs&Mutes, Bosendorfer1+2(Br), Bosendorfer 3+4, 6′ Grand Piano, 9′ Grand Piano, Celestes 1+2, Tympani 1+2, BsDrum&Timpani 1+2, OrchestralBells1+2, Orchestrl Chimes, Assorted Cymbals, Xylophones 1+2, Vibraphone, Glockenspiels, Solo Violin, Marcato Strings1+2, Pizzicato Stgs 1+2, Tremlnde Basses1+2, Solo Double Bass, Solo Oboe, Oboe d’amore, Solo Clarinets, Clarinet & Oboe, Assortd Woodwnds, …

Invision Symphonic II E3v4 EMU-TZ7iSO

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