Northstar Sample it EMU-SoSiSO


Northstar Sample it EMU

Team SoSISO | July 28,2002 | 322.50 MB

Sample It is a CD-ROM for the Emulator III/EIIIX/ESI/E4 which incorporates 56 banks of digital drum loops. Purposefully, recorded to sound “street-wise”, Sample It drum loops are “dirty”, scratchy. That way they sound like they were “lifted” from some other project. But they’re not! Totally legit and ready for use with no licensing restrictions. 80 loops all with four different sections (Intro, verse, breakdown and chorus) and 28 bass patches. Now you can build a complete rap or dance piece without dropping a beat. The 4 meg banks are in mono while the 8 meg banks are in Hughes SRS 3D stereo!

Northstar Sample it Emu-SoSiSO

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