BassBlaster v1.0.0 VST x86 WiN READ NFO-R2R

BassBlaster v1.0.0 VST x86 WiN READ NFO-R2R

BassBlaster v1.0.0 VST x86 WiN READ NFO-R2R

BassBlaster v1.0.0 WiN

Team R2R | 2021.12.29 | 9.75 MB

How to describe this bass plugin effect? It is difficult, since it is something truly unique, alien and futuristic… Imagine that every incoming audio becomes modulator for re-synthesized futuristic bass engine inside this plugin. For example if you apply this effect on drum beat, effect’s engine inside will generate morphoderic alien style bass sound. You have available 2 bass generators inside, you can choose various bass generator waveforms. You can also modulate basslines inside with incoming audio with attack / release controls, and finish perfect bass sound with two parallel filters – distortion and dry / wet knob.

– Internal modulator engine, modulating inner bassline generators with attack and release knob
– TWO Bassline generators, with following waveforms: (Morphing, Engine Jet, Robotic vocoder, Heavy dog, Digital monstah Armagedon, Monster, Transmission, Mars, Digital core)
– Every bassline generator has Pitch distortion knob and Frequency knob
– Cross selector knob between Bass1 / Bass2 generator
– Two paralel filters (Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject,Peaking)
– Distortion effect
– Dry/Wet knob and output volume knob
– Preset manager

BassBlaster v1.0.0 VST x86 WiN READ NFO-R2R
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